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    Mark your calendars! The Heartland Paranormal Research Organization (HPRO) is planning their first paranormal conference, Ozarks PhenomeCON: A Paranormal Conference, for March 2015.


    This conference will bring to Springfield a blend of engaging presentations and focused introductory courses on a variety of paranormal topics and vendors that will appeal to anyone with interest in paranormal phenomena...

    Ghosts, Paranormal, Investigation, Haunted,

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    Sunday, May 11th 2014


    Come watch and listen as Jon and Lisa talk paranormal with Ryan Straub, paranormal investigator and spiritual warfare consultant, as we discuss urban legends of the paranormal--- entities that are real and entities that are modern urban legend!!! Join us for an in-depth discussion of what is fact vs. fiction and more!!

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    about the IIIrd Eye Chronicles

    The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This perception helps the practitioner to gain spiritual knowledge and understanding unbeknownst to most individuals. IIIrd Eye Chronicles is a company designed to provide spiritual consultation to individuals in need of accurate, concise and understandable information.


    Please feel free to discuss or inquire about any topics related to:

    • Spirituality/Religion,

    • Magical Studies,

    • Paranormal/Cryptozoology,

    • Myth/Lore/Legends and

    • Spiritual Products/Curios.


    While the primary focus of this company is to provide information, everyone is entitled to their own theories, beliefs and ideas. IIIrd Eye Chronicles promotes healthy, safe and an unbiased platform for spiritual discussion and debate. Any activity or transgression that objectifies or belittles an individual, their beliefs, customs or outlook will not be tolerated.


    Thank you for showing an interest in IIIrd Eye Chronicles.

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    Ghosts, Paranormal, Investigation, Haunted,
    Ghosts, Paranormal, Investigation, Haunted,

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